NSW invests more funds in reconstruction authority  – Insurance News

The NSW Government has announced an additional $115 million investment to the NSW Reconstruction Authority.  

The government says the funding will support the agency’s development and launch of a State Disaster Mitigation Plan and other disaster adaptation plans.  

It also notes support for additional projects, including the organisation of temporary housing, co-ordinated plans to support the rebuilding of essential infrastructure, and boosting clean-up capabilities as part of the investment.  

NSW Premier Chris Minns says the funding will help ensure NSW communities are prepared for and positioned to recover from future catastrophes quickly.  

“We know future natural disasters aren’t just a remote possibility – more are coming,” Mr Minns said. 

“It’s why we need to invest now to reduce the risk to communities, and then be ready and prepared to respond when disaster strikes.”  

The government says the $115 million investment intends to address “holes left in the budget” from the previous administration. The support will bring the agency’s budget to $321.3 million over four years.  

“This is a smart, staged investment to make sure communities are better prepared for disasters, and so we can deliver cost-effective reconstruction programs and responsibly manage billions in State and Commonwealth disaster funding,” NSW Emergency Services minister Jihad Dib said. 

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