AAMI joins coalition on disability representation in advertising   – Insurance News

Suncorp brand AAMI will have its iconic jingle re-recorded by professional singer and disability advocate Lara Nakhle as part of a commitment to a cross-industry effort to increase representations and inclusion of Australians with disability in advertising and media.   

The coalition, which includes brands such as ANZ and Kia, was launched as part of the Shift 20 Initiative led by the Dylan Alcott Foundation and creative group Special to target TV advertising to include talents with disabilities.   

AAMI says Ms Nakhle will feature in new advertising as its synonymous “AAMI woman” and voice an updated version of the brand’s “Lucky you’re with AAMI” jingle.    

Suncorp EGM Brand and Marketing Mim Haysom says Ms Nakhle exemplifies the “warm, calm, approachable,” attributes of the company’s attitudes and marks another step for its evolution of the “AAMI woman” to be a “true representation” of its diverse client and work base.    

“As Australia’s largest personal insurer, we know how important it is to support diversity and inclusion and represent all Australians in our workforce and through our advertising campaigns,” Ms Haysom said.   

“We work closely with partners like Vision Australia, through our presenting partnership of Carols by Candlelight, What Ability and Youngcare who all do wonderful work providing support and services to help Australians living with disability to live their best life.”   

Special Executive Creative Director Ryan Fitzgerald says the initiative aims to introduce “simple yet powerful” changes to highlight the talents of people with disabilities.    

“Whether it’s changing the iconic face of a brand, brand representatives or simply the characters in the stories we tell, our industry is in a powerful position to send a message to 20% of Australia that, up until now, has gone largely unseen to say, ‘we see you’,” Mr Fitzgerald said. 

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