Another Influencer Couple in news for the wrong reasons. After Kulhad Pizaa MMS, Netzents claim that Reet and Sam Narula MMS has gone viral.

Sad to see the pain of Kulhad Pizza owner Sehaj Arora, who continues to urge people to stop spreading his morphed obscene video on the internet. The matter is not calm yet, within a couple of days, another popular couple MMS is said to be going viral on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Telegram, and Instagram.

Similar to the Kulhad Pizza couple, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, Reet Narula, and Sam Narula are very popular social media influencers with a large fan following. They regularly share their daily vlogs and romantic moments from their lives. Now, social media claims that Reet’s intimate video has gone viral on the internetReet Narula and Sam Narula MMS Truth?

Numerous web networks revealed that the viral footage in question was in fact fake amid the extensive growth of rumors and conjectures regarding it. This video’s inaccurate portrayal of a person in a personal setting led to controversy and lengthy arguments. Reet Narula has opted to be silent despite the controversy, enabling the public to make assumptions about the clip’s veracity.

About Reet Narula and Sam Narula

Known popularly as “Mr. Mrs. Narula”, this young duo, with Sam at 21 and Reet at 20, has been an inspiration to content creators by showing that with dedication, creativity, and a passion to growth, one can achieve immense success in the world of content creation.

Born on November 11, 2000, Reet Narula celebrated her 21st birthday in 2022. She is a Scorpio by zodiac sign. She is married to Sam Narula, and together they collaborate on various social media platforms, gaining significant traction, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

Their combined efforts on platforms like Instagram and YouTube have earned them a massive following among the youth, with many of their videos amassing millions of views.

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