Sedgwick unveils capability program in Australia  – Insurance News

Sedgwick has launched a “capability framework” program for Australia, setting out the technical and behavioural skills required to be an effective property loss adjuster. 

The program offers a strong and detailed understanding of industry best practices and Sedgwick hopes to advance the development of all professionals in the sector, regardless of their experience level. 

“Enabling loss adjusters to grow personally and professionally to their true potential is a legacy I’m passionate about supporting,” Sedgwick Australia CEO Diego Ascani said, 

“The art and science of loss adjusting offers an exciting, market-leading capability map that will give adjusters access to the tools, skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers.” 

Sedgwick National Executive Adjuster Tony Morgan, who is an advocate of the program, says the initiative is relevant given the industry’s skill shortage challenges. 

“What truly resonates with me is the expertise needed to apply these skills in real-world settings, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome for everyone involved in an insurance claim,” Mr Morgan said. 

“This initiative will be instrumental in driving the loss adjusting industry forward and I am thankful to everyone who contributed to it.” 

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