Anjali Arora Biography, Phone Number, Anjali Arora Relationship Details Download Anjali Arora Images: Anjali Arora, who has made a unique identity by creating a lisping video on the Tik Tok app, is a resident of Punjab. She has left a memorable impression on the entire social media with her lipping video, and there will be only one person who does not know the name, Anjali Arora. Otherwise, the child is familiar with their faces.

Anjali Arora, who won the hearts of millions of viewers on social media, was born on November 3, 1999, in Punjab. And at present, she is 22 years old, lives in Delhi with her family, and is focusing on her modelling career.

Currently, Anjali keeps sharing her dance videos and comedy videos with her fans on her Instagram account. She has 11 million followers on her Instagram account. So today, we will tell you about the story related to the life of Anjali Arora and how her journey was to her fame.

Anjali Arora Biography – All Details

Full NameAnjali Arora
Date Of Birth3 November 2000
ProfessionActress, Fashion Model, Instagram Star
Father / MotherAshwini Arora/ Babita
BrotherAbhishek Arora
Anjali Arora Phone NumberNot Available
Anjali Arora Salary₹2,00,000 – 5,00,000/- Monthly (Approx)
Marital StatusSingle
Song NameAashiq PuranaTemporary PyaarSutli KamarAntidotePaune 12Shayad Phir seMohabbatTere bargiOh humnasheenSupnaSunakha
Height / Weight5 feet 8 inch / 55 kg
Networth3 Crore
Anjali Arora Biography

She has worked on many Punjabi songs and recently appeared in Lock-Up’s web reality show, which Kangana Ranaut hosted. Anjali Arora comes from a Sikh family. He completed his schooling at Guruhari Kishan Public School, and after completing his studies, he started focusing entirely on his career.

Anjali Arora Family

If we talk about Anjali’s family, then there are only four members in her family, she has parents and one brother the brother’s name is Abhishek Arora who has her own business in Delhi. Her mother’s name is Babita, and her father’s name is Ashwini Arora. The whole family lives together in Delhi.

Anjali Arora Career

Her career started with a Chinese app Tik Tok where she used to make and post her lip-smacking videos; she had millions of followers on Tik Tok, but due to the ban on Tik Tok in India in the year 2020, her Tik Tok account too.

It was closed, but by the time Tik Tok was banned, Anjali Arora had gained a lot of fame. He had got work in many Punjabi songs, so there was no effect of the Tik Tok ban on him, and he carried forward his career; after that, he started making reels on Instagram. Gradually, she got so much fame that he got more than 11 million followers on his Instagram account, which is not shared.

Anjali Arora Relationship Status

Let us tell you that recently he posted a video on Instagram on the song Kacha Badam, which created a stir on social media and was watched by more than 50 million people. There are millions of views on every reel of his. Along with all this, Anjali also has a YouTube channel with more than 2.5 lakh subscribers. She puts skincare videos on her YouTube channel. 

Anjali Arora’s YouTube Career

In the year 2018, Anjali Arora created her own YouTube channel, but she was not fully active on that channel, i.e., she did not post any videos on her channel because, at that time, she used to spend all her time making Tik Tok videos. Was. But in 2020, when Tik Tok was banned in India, significant users of Tiktok made their own YouTube channel. And Who also included Anjali’s name in this big Tik Tok, and she also started working on her YouTube channel. On July 14, 2020, Anjali made her first video on her YouTube channel, which she titled this video “My First Vlog.”

It didn’t take long for Anjali to gain fame on YouTube as she was already famous. And her first video became viral; after that, Anjali started posting videos every week and seeing her. Today, she has more than 2.5 lakh subscribers on YouTube, and her subscribers are increasing every day.

Anjali Arora Boyfriend

According to the information, Anjali Arora is single, i.e., and she is not dating anyone; at present, all her focus is on her career. They say that she wants to take her career very far. Whatever he has shown somewhere or the other, he was recently seen in a big reality show, Lock-Up, which is a big deal.

Anjali Arora Networth

Anjali Arora’s primary income source comes from Youtube Ads and Social Media Promotion. According to some websites, his net worth is around 40-50 lakhs, and there has been no such disclosure from the rest of Anjali Arora.

Anjali Arora All Details – FAQs

Who is the girl who went viral on the song ‘Kacha Badam’?

The name of the girl who went viral on the song Kacha Badam is Anjali Arora, and Anjali Arora is an actress and a fashion model. She has also acted in many Punjabi music videos, which have become viral.

Who first danced to the song ‘Kacha Badam’?

Anjali Arora is the first girl to dance to the song ‘Kacha Badam.’

Why is Anjali Arora popular?

Dancer, Actress, and Social Media Influencer. She is famous because she is a dancer and actress with millions of followers on tik tok, Instagram, and youtube. She also acted in several Hindi and Punjabi music videos with a big personality.

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