To have a luxury car is no more a dream when you have easy finance options available even if the price is at its peak. There is a steady rise in demand for Luxury Cars in 2022 in the Indian automotive market, not only pre-owned but brand new. The record rise is anticipated that Mercedes Benz will be the top-picked luxury car brand compared with Audi and BMW. This will improve luxury car sales in the coming months of 2022 within its Mercedes Benz models.

No matter, Mercedes Benz and Audi India has already announced a hike in price from 1st April 2022. The popularity won’t go to be affected.

Best Luxury Car Brands to Buy In 2022:

Well, we must say the list of coolest and most luxurious cars in India is not much as not every car buyer can afford it. That is a prime cause that many luxury car brands have not even introduced to the Indian automotive market. Still, some of the good luxury cars are as follows.

1. Audi Car Brand

When it comes to sporty vehicles, you can head without a doubt to the Audi brand. The car brand is a class that gives the automobile a sturdy look, high build quality value, and progressively tech design. This is the third luxury car manufacturer in India, with a consistent market share of 16%-18%. If you want to have a luxury car, check for the latest Audi Q3 Car Price and don’t forget to compare it. The upcoming Audi cars in India are Audi A3 and Audi Q3. If you are searching for a good luxury car, why not explore models in Audi Cars at Droom. Yeah! That would be better to know, compare and buy the right supercar easily.

2. Mercedes-Benz

This is one of India’s most trustable luxury car brands. It always came up with unexpected business segment sales and will continue it in the coming decades. Apart from global production in four continents, Mercedes Benz shares more than 39-40% of the car market, thus a smart car brand with its sub-brands like Mercedes AMG, Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes-EQ, and G-Class, etc.

3. BMW Car Brand

That’s true that BMW Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, including cars and bikes. The super cool features, mobility in services, financial premium, and variety of models make it the biggest vehicle brand. It shares about 27% of the Indian automotive market, which is impressive. BMW Group is expected to launch five new cars in 2022-2023, including BMW M3, BMW i4, BMW 4 Series, BMW X2, BMW i3, etc. The company is planning for both SUV and Hatchback models.

4. Porsche Car Brand

Porsche is always a highly valued car manufacturer for classic sports cars. The company has occupied 1% luxury vehicle market in India. It is even headed with centres in Leipzig, Silverstone (UK), Atlanta (USA), Le Mans (France), Los Angeles (USA), and Shanghai (China). You can easily search for any car models for a superb and comfortable driving experience. The upcoming launch by the Porsche car brand in India is Porsche 911 GT3.

5. Jaguar Car Brand: In the Luxury Car 2022

Jaguar is never behind, as it shares about 13% of the market share in India. The car company is popularly known for its car designs, performance, and beauty. It is even known for its amazing two-seater sports car. The brand has revealed variations with series such as F-TYPE, C, D, E-Types, etc. The elegant design and excellent features are reflected in Jaguar cars. The new launch expected to be in 2022 and 2023 by Jaguar is E-Pace.

The Bottom Line

Stop waiting for Luxury Cars in 2022, as many are released, and few are sooner expected to be introduced in the Indian market. If you want the latest updates or a luxurious car purchase, check for luxury carsat any online portal like Droom. We know that brands with luxury cars are still not within reach for every car buyer, but you can still go for premium financial offers for them.