Whether you are someone looking to improve your everyday driving experience or are someone who is trying to give your old vehicle the best possible makeover you can, buying the best seat covers might just be the solution you are looking for. Good car seat covers matter more than you might think: they could be the difference between you dreading the long drives from home to work and making the drives one of the best parts of your day. They could be the difference between you sacrificing a good chunk of your holiday to get the dust and stains of old take-out food out of your car seats and making cleaning your car a 5-minute job. Whatever the result of your seat cover upgrade, it is sure to enhance the level of comfort during your drive and the overall atmosphere in your vehicle. But to reap the most benefit out of your purchase of new seat covers, you need to be sure you pick the one out of the best car seat covers for cars in India that aligns most with what you are personally looking to gain from the investment. Picking from the many options in the Indian market can be a daunting experience, especially if you do not have much knowledge regarding where to start your search from and what to look for in a good car seat cover. Here are some factors to consider that might help settle on what boxes you want ticked when picking your favourite brand from our list of top car seat cover brands in India:
Material: Some common and popular materials that car seat covers come in include purr leather, artificial leather, fabric, and neoprene. Each of these materials come with their advantages and disadvantages:
  • Pure Leather: If you are a fan of the expensive, classy vibe, pure leather is the way to go for you. It is an instant way to make the interior of your vehicle look and feel more decadent. Additionally, it is also comfortable, durable, fairly waterproof, and does not stain easily either. But despite its positives, its biggest downside and one that might most matter to you as well as its price. However, the colour of the leather does not fade easily even after going through rough use for long periods – that may just be a fair trade-off, considering the value the leather adds to your car.
  • Artificial Leather: Some types of faux leather are PU Art leather, leatherette, and Napa, to name a few. These are great alternatives if you are not too keen on spending a good sum of money on buying authentic leather. Aside from boosting your car interiors’ style quotient, artificial leather is also fairly resistant to water, easy to clean, and tear-resistant. However, the material can get sticky and hot during the hot season. Here’s more on the differences between artificial and pure leather if you are looking for more detailed information.
  • Neoprene: this is completely waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, and also tends to be compact and foldable – all great benefits to the more active and adventurous car owners out there whose car seats are likely to often be exposed to sweat and water.
  • Fabric: Fabric seat covers make the best choices if you are looking to stay comfortable in any kind of weather and want good quality for reasonable prices. They also come in a lot more varied colours than leather does and last fairly long even with rough use. However, one of the downsides to opting for a fabric cover is that the colour tends to fade after around 3-4 years as a result of exposure to sunlight. Moreover, cleaning also becomes more difficult compared to the other material options; the covers need to be vacuumed often to get rid of dust, and since fabric covers are not water-resistant, it may be difficult to get rid of spills.
Think about whether you are looking for some other specifications in your ideal seat cover. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do your car seats have airbags?
  • Are the headrests in your car seats fixed and adjustable?
  • Do you want your car seats to be protected from pet fur, pet faeces, UV rays, etc.? 
  • Do your seats have special attachments to them, such as armrests?
Now that you know what you would expect from your ideal car seat cover, here is an all-you-need-to-know list of the top car seat cover brands in India:

The Top 5 Best Seat Covers For Cars in India

This table gives you a quick overview of the five best car seat cover brands in India by directly comparing some of the important features of each brand. Below you will find a more detailed review of each of the brands, including the product features, specifications of the seat covers, and our final verdict for the brand.

Product Name

Key Features

Product Link

1.Elegant Europa Velocity Fabric Car Seat Cover
  • Material: Microfiber Velvet Fabric
  • Maintenance Level : Moderate
  • Installation : External Installation Required
  • Budget category : Fairly Expensive
  • Warranty: Available
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Maintenance Level : Low
  • Installation:External installation Required
  • Budget category: Fairly expensive
  • Warranty: Available

3.Hi Art None specified

  • Material: Leatherette
  • Maintenance Level : Low
  • Installation : External installation Required
  • Budget category : Fairly expensive
  • Warranty : Available
4.Fluffy’s Waterproof Hatchback Oxford-Dog Hammock Car Trunk Rear Seat Cover
  • Material : Synthetic with a non-slip layer
  • Maintenance Level : Low
  • Installation : External installation Required
  • Budget category : Fairly expensive
  • Warranty : Expensive

5.Khushal None specified

  • Material:PU Leather
  • Maintenance Level : Low
  • Installation : External installation Required
  • Budget category : Cheap
  • Warranty : Unavailable
Best Car Seat Cover Companies in India | Product Features  

1. Elegant Europa Velocity Fabric Car Seat Cover

Elegant is a brand that offers seat covers for cars in a wide range of colours, designs, and materials. However, Elegant’s Europa Velocity fabric car seat cover specifically made a list as one of India’s best seat cover brands because it is the only fabric seat cover on the list; there is certainly a noticeable bias towards leather seat covers in the Indian market. But there’s hardly any reason not to love this fabric cover! The Europa Velocity seat cover is made of highly breathable and soft microfiber fabric that ensures both comfort and reduced sweating, guaranteeing a cool ride even on the warmer days. The fabric also comes with a spill and stain-resistant coating, which makes cleaning much easier. And while the seat covers require that they be externally fitted once purchased, the customer can do this for free at the Elegant store closest to them.

Product Specifications:

  • Warranty Period – 1 year
  • Includes – Seat covers for 8 seats
  • Weather Best Suited For – All kinds of weathers
  • Best Features – Free installation, comfortable fabric, and stain-resistant coating
  • Car Model Compatibility – Toyota Innova (but is customisable for other models as well)
  • Starting Price – Rs. 13,637

Reasons to Buy :

Our top reason is the comfort offered by the microfiber seats; it is hard to pass up on especially given the almost year-round hot weather in most cities in India. But the one year warranty against any colour fading and manufacturing defects certainly makes this a product worth investing in.
My Verdict: We would recommend Elegant’s Europa Velocity to anyone who wants both comfort and low-effort maintenance to come with the new car seat cover. While we suspect that the stain and spill-resistant coating may make cleaning easier, the fabric might still cause maintenance to be more troublesome when compared to faux leather seat covers, for instance. But with the cooling nature that comes with fabric covers, a little extra cleaning is a small price to pay. Overall, Elegant as a brand in itself is a great choice for car seat covers with its broad range of styles and materials. All provided without compromising on service and quality.  

2. Pegasus

JPegasus immediately stands out because they custom-make the car seat covers to fit your car model on an order basis. This will already make your buying experience faster and easier since you will not have to spend time scouring through options to decide on the model that will be the bit fit for your car. Moreover, Pegasus’s car seat covers come with a two-year warranty, and that coupled with their reasonable pricing only gives you more reason to buy their seat covers. The car seat covers are also made of PU leather, which means the atmosphere inside your vehicle is bound to improve, and opting for artificial leather also comes with the added advantage of getting the benefits of leather at a much lower price.

Product Specifications:

  • Warranty Period – 2 years
  • Includes – Seat covers for 5 seats and neck pillows
  • Weather Best Suited Forcy – Cooler weather
  • Best Features – 2 year warranty period, UV resistant and anti-fungal seat covers
  • Car Model Compatibility – Customized to fit the desired model
  • Starting Price – Rs. 6,999

Reasons to Buy :

Our top reason is Pegasus’s unique offering that makes it stand out from almost all of the other brands on our list: UV resistant and anti-fungal seat covers. For everyone big on hygiene and even car owners who often travel with younger children and pets, the anti-fungal nature of the covers might be a great fit. Additionally, the seat covers also come with neck pillows which do not seem to be offered by any of the other brands on our list, and Pegasus is also the only brand on the list offering a warranty of two years and not just one.  
My Verdict: The small size, cylindrical form factor and brand value of JBL make this a competitive product. However, the absence of an audio amplifier is a deal-breaker for loud music enthusiasts. 

3. Hi Art

Hi Art’s seat covers are made of leatherette, which is another great substitute for pure leather that you can acquire at a much lower price (and for the animal lovers out there, without having to kill an animal). The material offers many of the same advantages boasted by Pegasus’s seat covers, including easy cleaning and maintenance and the improvement in the overall look of your vehicle that leatherette is assured to bring.  

Product Specifications:

  • Warranty Period – 1 year W
  • Includes – Seat covers for 5 seats, headrest covers and armrest covers wherever applicable
  • Weather Best Suited For – Cooler weather
  • Best Features – Custom made seat covers and low maintenance material
  • Car Model Compatibility – Customized to fit the desired model
  • Starting Price – Rs. 6750

Reasons to Buy :

One of the main reasons that drew us to Hi Art’s seat covers was the promised 3- 5 year average life span; that certainly sounds like a good deal to us considering the price of the product and the fact that the seat covers are also being customised especially to meet the requirement of the buyer. Additionally, a feature that made Hi Art stand out from the other brands on the list was the high-density foam padding sheet that Hi Art offers with its seat covers that increases their durability and comfort. Moreover, Fluffy’s was also featured as one of the top pet seat cover choices on this list.  
My Verdict:This bass subwoofer is available at a great price range and has a good sound system making it perfect for smaller cars.

4. Fluffy’s Waterproof Hatchback Oxford-Dog Hammock Car Trunk Rear Seat Cover

We couldn’t leave the pet lovers out of this list, of course! Pet owners know how big a part of their lives their pets are, and Fluffy’s seat covers let the owners bring their pets along with them no matter how far or for how long they are travelling. Fluffy’s has certainly thought long and hard about how to make their design as per-friendly as possible, and the result is a seat cover with all the features pet owners did not even realise they needed.  

Product Specifications:

  • Warranty Period – No warranty available
  • Includes – Back seat cover suitable for pets
  • Weather Best Suited For – All kinds of weathers
  • Best Features – Mesh window that allows pets to see owners in the front seats
  • Compatibility – Designed to fit almost all car models
  • Starting Price – Rs. 1,200

Reasons to Buy :

Our favourite feature is the mesh window between the front and rear seats that allow the pet and the owners to still see and interact with each other. But this seat cover certainly has no shortage of other benefits, including the waterproof nature of the cover, which makes it easy to clean and the velcro openings that leave space for the seat belt buckle. Additionally, the seat cover is also easy to ‘install’: you simply need to buckle the straps of the seat cover to the headrests of the front and back seats.
My Verdict:We think Fluffy’s seat cover is a great buy for pet owners who want to travel often with their pet without having to worry about the cleaning that will be involved in doing so later. Though the seat cover is priced on the higher side in our opinion, we still think it is good value for money if we consider all the features the seat cover offers and its promise of durability.  

5. Khushal

Khushal’s seat covers are made from PU leather, and the seats are made to order and are customisable according to your car’s model and specifications. Additionally, Kushal’s car seat covers also claim to be UV resistant, tear-resistant, and anti-fungal, ticking almost all the boxes for what you might be looking for in the ideal seat cover for your car.  

Product Specifications:

  • Warranty Period – No warranty available
  • Includes Seat covers for 5 seats, additional cost may come with other specifications
  • Weather Best Suited For – Cooler weather
  • Best Features – Very reasonable pricing
  • Compatibility – Customized to fit the desired model
  • Starting Price – Rs. 2,781

Reasons to Buy :

While Khushal’s seat covers boast almost the same benefits that the other brands on the list do, what makes Khushal a more attractive option is that it does so at a much lower price.  
My Verdict:Khushal is a brand to consider choosing for car owners looking to purchase seat covers, in terms of the benefits that come with it and all at a very low price. However, it will also help keep in mind that while the other brands that offer the same features in their seat covers at higher prices, they come with a warranty, which Khushal does not offer.


Now that you are equipped with everything there is to know about choosing car seat covers and the brands to purchase the best car seat covers in India from. You are ready to walk confidently into your new buy, and very soon, the world of perfect car seat covers.