Noureen Afrose Piya Bio

Noureen is a well-known YouTuber and TikTok user from Bangladesh who was born and raised in the city of Dinajpur. She has become more well-known on TikTok and YouTube thanks to her amazing appearance, long hair, and contagious smile. She first became well-known through TikTok videos before moving to YouTube. In this article, you will know about Noureen Afrose Piya Bio, education, age, net worth and more. 

Noureen Afrose Piya Bio

Noureen Afrose Piya, who was born on November 22, 1998, is a Bangladeshi who grew up in Dinajpur. She grew up in this area and quickly became well-known online thanks to her captivating charm that was displayed on websites like TikTok and YouTube. Noureen Afrose Piya’s mother is named NA, while her father is NA. Noureen Afrose Piya received her schooling at a reputable school in Bangladesh.


Noureen Afrose Piya dedicated herself to her education and pursued it with tenacity. She received her diploma, went to Dinajpur Government Girls High School, and then continued her education at East Delta University in Chittagong.

Personal Attributes 

Piya has been well known for her distinguishing characteristics, which include her long ebony hair, alluring face, and contagious grin. She is now one of Bangladesh’s most sought-after TikTok stars and YouTubers thanks to her commitment, passion, and artistic talent.

Noureen Afrose Piya‘s Career Breakthrough

Noureen Afrose Piya‘s Career Breakthrough

The beginning of Noureen Afrose Piya’s fame-building path was her TikTok activities. She attracted attention right away with her outstanding look, which was highlighted by her lovely face, her long flowing hair, and an alluring grin. Her success on TikTok cleared the route for her entry into the YouTube world and cemented her reputation as a social media sensation.

Due to her captivating content, which appealed to both male and female audiences, Piya’s fame rose to astounding heights. She became well-known not only as a TikTok celebrity but also as a successful YouTuber with two different channels. While her secondary channel, “Arts of Priya,” involves photoshoots for apparel brands, beauty advice, and health-related content, her major channel, “Noreen Afroz,” features frequent uploads.


This cute face is not yet married in real life. Although her fans thought she was married, later Pia herself revealed that she is single now. In the future, Pia will go far with her online clothing brand. Also want to create regular video content. Priya said that if she had a passion to become an actress, she has no desire to act in the future. He has already received many offers for modeling and acting. But she doesn’t care about that, her only goal is to establish herself as a successful female entrepreneur.

Noureen Afrose Piya Net Worth

Noureen Afrose Piya has accumulated an estimated net worth of between $30,000 and $100,000 USD as a result of her artistic endeavors. This serves as a testament of her significant influence and digital footprint.

Monthly Income

Tik Tok, YouTube and business all together he is in a good position. His monthly income is approximately one to one and a half lakh rupees. This TikTok celebrity is also regularly active on Facebook and Instagram. Besides, he created blogs about various social works.

Video Controversy

The well-known social media personality Noureen Afrose Piya recently found herself in a difficult situation after a fake video of her appeared online. She responded by using her platform to address the problem.

Noureen made it clear that the aforementioned video was not real and had been created by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. She highlighted in her statement that the video was a distortion and not a true portrayal of her.

How Can You Contact with Noureen Afrose?

Noureen Afrose Piya maintains her accessibility through a variety of social media channels, even if her precise contact information is kept hidden. She continues to interact with her following on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and TikTok.

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