Zainab Hassan is a popular Emirati artist/band, better known with the songs: “6 Ayyam” . Discover Zainab Hassan music videos, chart achievements, biography and facts. Net Worth. Explore the related singers collaborated with Zainab Hassan. Zainab Hassan Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, and socials. Zainab Hassan Height, Age, Bio and Real Name.

Zainab Hassan Facts

Zainab Hassan is a popular artist from United Arab Emirates. Popnable collects information about songs by Zainab Hassan. The highest Zainab Hassan ‘s charting position is #1 , and the worst ranking place is #314 Zainab Hassan‘s songs spent 21 weeks in the charts. Zainab Hassan appeared in Top Chart that measure the best Emirati musicians/bands and the highest position noted by Zainab Hassan is 1. The worst result is 314.

Real name/birth name is Zainab Hassan and Zainab Hassan is famous as Musician/Singer.

Nationality is Emirati

Born Country is United Arab Emirates

Born Country and City are United Arab Emirates, –

Ethnicity is Emirati

Citizenship is Emirati

Height is – cm / – inches

Marital Status is Single/Married

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